Thursday, February 26, 2015

Revision and revelation

I've been attending the general hajj course organized by Tabung Haji in Kelana Jaya mosque every Sunday morning. I try to attend despite sometimes being oncall. In private, your oncall is unlike in the government as patients are not as many and over the weekend unless it is super rgent that you have to rush to do the cases.
Honestly, i was reluctant to join the course as it was all revision knowledge for 14 weeks. What is to learn in that very long period? Setakat rukun and wajib haji, larangan ihram etc.. not that difficult to Revision of subjects during my secondary school which should not be that difficult to be reread. I was tops 5 year in a row for agama in secondary school.
Or was I? 
I was wrong. 
How could i assume as such when we talk about knowledge of ibadah.
Indeed, attending is a revelation.A revelation of mind and soul. Something i did not expect. It is about its feel. And a similar feeling indeed during my Gaza mission journey the other day.
I learn new things every time. May not be academic per say, but that is the gem and gold about hajj. As i look back the journey of hajj began when i agreed to perform it by Tabung Haji.
Indeed, it is an invitation from god.
A new meaning to life, a turn over to renew my vows with him.
Insha Allah, my azam to become a better person and understand the true meaning of hajj. 

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