Monday, February 02, 2015

Weekend intensive swim

Usually on weekends wifey will be bringing the kids for swim class with teacher Dory. A regular saturday afternoon stint which started from Qayyum when he was 2 and until now the full MDQs entourage including Dzulaikha. Unfortunately last weekend, wifey was keen to attend  a few courses that it took the whole weekend from dusk til dawn! I was available however as this weekend was booked for no call. 
Qayyum will be entering the under 10 MSSS 50m freestyle. I registered him through the school because i thought they will do the regionals/
 MSSD first before the real thing. This is his first competitive swimming and he is not used to 50m straight! Takmau la malu kan last.. so kenalah training sket.. haha  It had been an intensive week for him as he goes to the pool everyday. Drilled by teacher Dory. And this weekend, teacher Dory is not available as well. 
Since I am available, i became the takde tauliah coach to follow the drills which was organized by teacher Dory. haha Mmg takde tauliah but i could see that the regime is for obtaining stamina. 
I'm not expecting him to win anything but i want him to experience the feeling of competition. Having those butterflies in the stomach and try one's best to perform. I want him to feel and go through that. The exposure is important as this will be what life is about. Being amongst the many and thriving to do well. I prefer the life lessons for them as a preparation to face the real life. 

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