Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 backwards and forwards

Browsed through my previous new year entries and I realized that , I did not put down any new year resolution in 2007 !! Hahahahaha...
Well , i guess the only aim in 2007 was to pass my Part 1 M. Anaes exams and Alhamdulillah , achieved that. I suppose that was the only thing in my mind for 2007 ; everything done and channeled to achieve that. Every other thing neglected along the way !

2008 resolution
1. Always my number 1 priority every year ; Weight loss !! Hahaha.. how does it figure when after years and years of resolution , my weight remians the same ! Lets alter it a bit .. hmm.. an appropriate BMI with an excellent fitness :)
2.Project Baby Genius III .. heheheh..
3.Moving into our new home with cool inhouse decor.. ( which will make me go bankcrupt ! )
4.To climb G7 mountains in Malaysia
5.Achieving a milestone in other interests ( must start now.. )
6.Settle my research and aim to publish in 2009
7. JAdi lagi kaya... dan kaya !! Hahahaha ( Money is everything you know... )
8. To seek happiness for my innerself.. :)

And lets just enjoy 2008 ride for now..