Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mafia weekend

Mana pergi trolley ? Tak buat kerja ke ?

We went to do our weekly groceries shopping in TESCO The Curve. Usually , it'll be GIANT in Kelana Jaya but we wanted to have a run around at the Curve. Lama tak pergi tu ! I never knew TESCO was that popular until i reached the entrance ! They ran out of carts ! We had to wait for out trolleys brought to us and it was quite shameful to see dear Malaysians grabbing the trolleys macam budak kecik !!!

Dzaeffran enjoying his "conteng" !

We had lunch in Tony Romas ! Since my first bite during my call , i was lovestruck! Hahahaha Imagine visiting Tony's every other day. Went after friday prayers and again with the family on Sunday. The ribs were certainly delicious and surprisingly the grilled fish was not bad either ! Unfortunately , I got a headache after the second binge today and perhaps god is telling me to be careful with my food indulgence !


Kudos to Proton for their latest product. No wonder they became cocky and snubbed Volkswagen. They are so confident with their 2008 business plan that they are risking all , but i guess the gamble is worthwhile.
The car may not be so great but please compare based on its price. For RM 32K - 40K , it is quite impressive to own a saloon car. It is definitely up against KELISA and given the choice , I would choose SAGA. This car will capture the non urban market by storm. The pricing is certainly suitable for those with tight budget ; and i must repeat really impressive strategy !

P/S Public Holiday on Wednesday !! Hahaha.. Pak Lah... Pak Lah...


Anonymous said...

Ribs every other day? Cholesterol mesti dah cecah ceiling dah tu... Hehe... Tapi nak buat camna. Memang sedap betul pun...

Dr.M said...

tu la pasal ! Hahahaha.. after the major headache yesterday , kena stop kejap makan high sky cholesterol food !

drzeze said...

salam to drM,
jeles dengar ni..may be should try bila turun sana nanti.
may be the headache due to high content of monosodium glutamate in da soup kot?cam "Chinese restaurant syndrome"?