Monday, January 14, 2008

Ego boost

I received a phone call the other day. When i looked at my mobile interface , it was from the newly famous friend of mine ; gossiped heavily as Angkasawan's future wife to be by the media ! Apa mimpi call tiba-tiba ni...

"Hi.. xxxx ni.. "
"Ah yes.. hi ! Waaahh.. glamour sekarang ek makcik kita ni.. , sipa keluar Mangga !! " i said.
" Hahahaha " she laughed , " Malu tu sebenarnya ... tak pasal2 ! Eh.. why are you reading Mangga lah ? " she asked curiously .
I laughed... " tak tahulah macamana boleh terbaca. Not that i am a fan... "
" Anyway , you working today ? "
" Nope.. post call in fact... "
" The other day , ada tak this old lady masuk your ICU ? Her name is XXX.. "
I paused and tried to remember.. " Ah yes ! she was in ICU for a brief moment.. " is she related?
" Ni nak cerita kat you ni.. it's my colleague's mother. She was telling me how worried she was as her mother became very ill acutely."
" Oh ok... she's alright , dah discharge dah pun kan.. "
" She was telling me that she was so worried when her mother was admitted in ICU and she melted when she saw a SMART AND HANDSOME doctor treating her mother.SO I asked what was the doctor's name.. and she said .. Dr Mafiz..."
Instantly I laughed so loud and hard !!!! Hahahahahahaha
"Tu yang I call terus ni pasal macam kenal jee !!! ".

(the rest of the conversation was not important anymore !!! )
A very rare compliment indeed.. Hahahahaha

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