Thursday, January 10, 2008

KL masih indah

I was in Bukit Bintang earlier today and of course , I witnessed the majestic Pavillion which was built in emphasizing size is everything. So huge !! No wonder they called it the biggest shopping mall in town. With Star Hill opposite , Lot 10 & Sungei Wang nearby and Berjaya Times Square just around the corner ; spoilt for choices ! I really don't know how the shops can survive. I was thinking ; what was there before this ? Hmmm... haaaa... and then i remembered ! Its the old site for Bukit Bintang Girls School !!! hahahaha i can imagine the confusion on the kid's face when the alumnus mum says ," This used to be where my school was ! "

And yes.. I have to admit. I was lured , tempted and I lost... lost to the magic and spell of J.CO doughnuts !! I was like a zombie you know.. saw the long queue and suddenly I was in that line too !!! Haks... Memang dahsyat...

Since the accident when my phone was accidentally "drowned" in Sungai Chilling mid last year , I never got it back to 100% performance. Most of you guys would have realized the sudden silence of my sms as it was not functioning !!! I love the phone as its multimedia function is certainly happening ! Me..using it as my mp3 player while doing my peripheral rounds. But of course , something else had to happen. I did not know when though , I lost the battery cover and my phone now is damn "cacat" !!! Mama saw the thingy and told me to get a new phone !! haks.. Malu ek , tua-tua pun mak bagi duit suruh beli handphone !! Hahahahaha
Anyway , got the new toy .. Of course , most of my peers would have suggested i used a Dopod , Blueberry or some other fancy PDA... Nooo.. I had to be different and it was so easy for the salesgirl to lure me and get my super brand new... NOKIA !!! At last .. my first ever Nokia !!!


Shah said...

Laaaa ko pun dah jadi Zombie J Ci gak ke? Welcome to the club. Bila lah nak buka lagi branch kan?

Dr.M said...

Hahahah.. I reckon kat the curve nanti mesti naik nyer.. Prime area.. Big Apple pun org dah beratur !!