Monday, January 14, 2008

On call galore..

My specialist on call yesterday will usually throw a feast when he is on call. He would be buying for us of variation , from Rumahku 7 dish special to KFC's barrel. We even had a steamboat party which really made me so full that i went to sleep in OT while doing the case soon after that !
Yesterday was special , he bought us Tony Roma's ribs and my oh my was it delicious ! I really enjoyed it and the whole gang literally licked the rib till nothing is left. Even a colleague who usually doesn't eat had his bite !!

Auummm... kenal tak sapa ? hehehe

And to top it up , we had chocolate moose specially brewed in the rest room on top of 2 tubs of Haagen Daas... waahh...

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Shah said...

Wahhhhh... That specialist must be everyone's favourite specialist to work with la... Can I volunteer to be on call there?