Saturday, January 05, 2008

Till death do us part

oncall memo :

There are lot of lessons learnt about life on seeing patients in ICU. Wives ( for a single person at times ! ) obediently attending their sick husband , Children looking after their parents , siblings taking care of their elders and so forth. The love which is transmitted directly ; is very obvious and at times makes me smile seeing such warmth.
Its lovely to see eforts ; done by their loved ones . One of my "chronic" patients who recovered from his sepsis but unfit to be transfered out ; his sons brought him a mini radio cum tv for him. They had the chinese channel on for him - i suppose his favourite at home . His father is not able to communicate much with his children now especially with a traceostomy on ; and you can sense the sincere effort shown by his children.
Whilst another ; a loyal wife without fail attending his sick husband whose currently central nervous system of suspect - now Day 13 but still without fail praying and talking to him daily. Without fail , keeping that sweet smile of us when greeting the carers in ICU ; but deep inside she must be crying so much seeing her loved one ill and her so helpless to make it better.

Seeing this you wonder , if ever you get to be in their shoes ; would you be able to show such care and love ...
This morning i tuned up the radio for him! He did show his preference when i tuned in to Light and Easy !! haks.. and certainly , his respiratory and heart rate dropped to normal.. an indication that he was indeed relaxing !!

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