Thursday, January 24, 2008


I received an sms from Ervan while I was doing my late rounds today ;
Adlan Benan Omar meninggal dunia pada jam 3.58 petang. Alfatihah..

Called Ervan and he was on his way with Nazrin to Ben's place in Putra Heights. Called up Dil and he was more than ever willing to drive. Wifey is on call and the two kids are with me now.. hmmm... what should I do ? we are suppose to the ziarah during birth , marriage and death ; so i figured that somehow I must go !
Went to maks and dropped Qaisya there. I decided to bring Dzaeff along as i pity mak having to take care of 2 babies and Dzaef's presence would certainly create chaos and uncertainty. I have to expose Dzaef anyway one way or another right ?
The traffic was initially heavy , imaging coming out from PJ at 6 pm ! We arrived near 7 and there were quite a number of colleagues who were already there. I guess most of them were the Koleq boys because they simply clique'd with each other ! Luckily i saw Rafizi saw at least I knew somebody there ! Most ofthe others were familiar but i don't really know them . Keadilan stalwarts were also there ; Ezam as always . I was with the non-koleqs group ; Nazrin , Ervan, Rizal Sharani , Dil and Ziad.
The mood was certainly sombre , everybody did not talk much. After maghrib prayers , they brought Ben back to Seremban. He is supposed to be laid to rest tomorrow in Paroi and I don't think i can make it.
Alfatihah to Ben 35 last week .. a true Malay genius , true lost for the country...

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drzeze said...

al-fatihah .semuga allahyarham sejahtera di sana.Amin