Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I noticed in the past few days ; I 've been getting an influx of visitors to my blog. When i checked with my blog traffic.. then ...aaahhhh.. no wonder ! Ahahaha.. for the wrong reasons i suppose.

If you GOOGLE Chua Soi Leck DVD ; my blog will be on top of the search list !! hahahaha.. I guess , those who are looking for the old man in action would certainly be dissapointed to view my blog videoless !!
I suppose I have to be more careful next time with my blogging as few of
my UM colleagues have discovered that I have a blog !! ( so you guys were also looking for his short movie clip eih ??? )
p/s I wonder if the Laptop belongs to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia ??

One of our ICU patients who we treated in December came looking for us this morning to say thank you . Of course , none of us recognized her as she was way healthier from when she was here previously. We only recognized his fiance an sister and that gave us the clue ; she was smiling ear to ear seeing us.
It was a nice gesture and we were deeply touched by her appreciation. It is such satisfaction too to see a patient well and healthy now despite on admission , when we informed the family that she was 50-50.

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Anonymous said...

Dear doc..

Just to say that I am one of the peminat that reads your blog from time to time.. keep blogging,
n say hi to haniza for me n the kids. :)