Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You;d never know

It was very alarming when i came across Raja Petra's recent article , when he specifically mentioned his name as being very ill and dying. I've heard it as rumours but never knew what was really wrong with him. As i googled his name , i managed to track down a blog which was then the recent update of his condition .
And he came to UMMC the other day , and by chance I was paiged yesterday . Initially I was annoyed because I was in the middle of a very interesting event happening to me so far this year. But as the person on the phone told me the history ; 36 years old ( that was what she said !!! ) ... I straight away knew who it was and then did not mind at all to do an early pre- operative assessment.
Who I am talking about you may ask ? To me ; he is one of the most inspiring and brilliant personalities I've ever met in my life. Though Ive not worked directly under him before ; his reputation was electrifying. Being sharp and witty , he was always known to be very articulate and can mesmerize another easily. I thought at that time , I was a "speaker" to be reckoned with but after meeting and seeing him in action , i felt so small !! He was that good that I did not even think twice when the buzz at that time predicting him as a future leader ; perhaps the future Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Adlan Benan Omar ; those studying in UK in the 90s would have known him , if not personally but of his reputation. He later was in DSAI's bandwagon and an asset to Keadilan's youth but soon after disappeared ; one wonders what actually happened then..
The reality hit me yesterday when I saw him in haemodialysis . Gone was the cheerful and sarcastic aura. He looked so weak , emaciated and ill. The diabetes which he suffered from his younger days has crept and cause irreversible end organ damages. I must say that he is indeed very ill and is of high risk if he is to go under general anaesthesia. I spoke to his mother and also Rizal ; a loyal comrade. It is certainly very stressful to those who are close to him and never would i have imagined him being in this current state.
Let us du'a for him , Insya-Allah.


Mimie Shoaib said...

Salam Mafeitz,
Someone from our BTU8 group posted a blog about Ben's condition. I did not know him personally. May ALLAH SWT help him through.
In the blog, there is a link that lead me here to your blog. It's good to know what you're up to and hope all is well with you and your family.
KEK (Mimie)

Dr.M said...

Ohh... ye ke ? Salam Kek ! ( U still remember the nick i gave you eih ? hahaha )
Nice to hear from you. I really didn't know what happened to you and how it had been ! Ingat dah balik Kedah tak ingat nooo... Thanx for visiting my blog and its cool to be in touch again !!