Monday, December 08, 2014

Cape town at its best

Cape town is certainly beautiful. It is the place to be for honeymoon seriously! The weather is just nice and the scenery of its surrounding is really amazing. I was fortunate that i was invited for WCRAPT here and it was my chance to explore Cape town as i don't think i will come casually here as it is far away from home!! It was difficult to make my way around during the conference and that one day i had, i maximised my time to conquer the land :) 
We stayed in Westin hotel which is just opposite to the conference. It made life easy and being the speaker's hotel, it was at its own class. Every late afternoon we would make our way to V&A Harbour, a complex which is dedicated for tourists. The setup is simple but the view it offered is amazing. On a clear day the sea would highlight the beauty of Table Mountain in opposite directions. The sea breeze certainly makes the experience wonderful and i was glad wifey was with me. I guess this trip was a relief for her, in fact the first outing overseas we had together (just the 2 of us) after 10 years! Alhamdulillah it was refreshing and an effort to strenghten our relationship. 
In Cape town, one cannot miss this few things. 
1. Cape of Good Hope & Cape Point
2. Table Mountain
3.Malay Cape settlement
and alhamdulillah we managed to settle it in one day! We took the conference tour as it was advisable to do so. It maybe a bit rushed but we managed to capture the main essence of the peninsula. 
 For history buffs like me, reaching Cape of Good Hope is a must! Bartholomeow Diaz, Vasco De Gama.. the landmark explorers of the past who paved way for the lights of history point! Few may argue their achievements to be the pathway of colonization! Regardless of which, it is interesting to be at where the western and eastern civilization meets.The landscape reminded me a lot of Perth :) Perhaps being the western part of the southern hemisphere makes it less coincidental than the thought. 
 The scare was table mountain as the weather was unforgiving on the 3 days we were there. Manoj gave a tip ," If you see the mountain, then it means you have to just go!" which we certainly missed on our first day. The next 2 days the table is covered with the clouds and of course the cable car operations will be closed because of that. We were really lucky that we gambled to go there on a Friday 5pm, beating all the rush! The weather turned really good that evening and we had to make our way there byhook or by crook. And we were indeed rewarded with the beautiful scenery of Cape town sunset.. What a way to end the lovely trip! 
 It was a nice getaway. You would definitely want to be here with your soulmate or partner. The romantisicm is much alive in Cape Town. Alhamdulillah for what i have achieved in 2014.

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