Monday, December 01, 2014

Salsabiila Sports Day 2014

It was a hectic schedule. Immediately after Meng's solemnization, the kids had to be waken up early for their sports day. Its Marissa and Dzareif in action! Looking at previous history, I'm sure Marissa will be given a starring role in the events and i was in for a surprise!
Salsabiila invited me to give the officiating speech and i am very honored! As how it has been, the theme for their sports day has always been about Palestine so this year, me officiating is just what he wants. Though the Principal knew our team was unsuccesful in our mission, he was just overwhelmed by my effort to be in that team to cross Gaza.
I tried very much to not be a typical opening speech giver. I tried to be short but somehow when i was up there, it was not that short. It was never a topic that i could keep calm while talking about it and i guess the audience felt my feelings.
 And the games began! The opening ceremony was majestic and i must salute the teacher who organized the gimmick. They had a wall with zionist mark and they mimicked intifada with the stones throwing to symbolize the struggle of the palestinians. Semangat WAJA!!!
 There were four teams and all named after the gazza brigades. Marissa and Dzareif was donning the blue team. Dzareif was the anchor in his team and if not for his excessive runs around the cone his team would have come second! Nevertheless he was very proud of his medal and refused to be apart from it after receiving it!
Marissa was certainly the athlete in her team and it was obvious from her effort as well. She is definitely has the biggest physique of her class and the teachers had put her to do the routine twice. And both times she was left behind (courtesy of her team members) but she definitely caught up with her determined effort. I was very impressed with what i saw in my 5 year old as she was definitely competitive and focused with her task. I am sure that when she is in primary school, the teachers will select her to be part of the team which will be above her age group. She certainly has the zest to be an athlete, and a future champion!
I was proud of my kiddos. They certainly rock! And i am impatient to wait to see Marissa in her future sports day because i know she will do well :)

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