Monday, December 15, 2014

Here we go here we go #AFFSUZUKICUP2014

Nobody would have predicted the results we achieved in Hanoi.. not in a million years! And for the VFF to investigate their players for any possibilities of throwing the game away can be justified. Vietnam were definitely the favourites playing at home. Harimau Malaya was banking on the oldies to bring them through.
And as though luck was keeping themselves to our side, we were up 4-1 by half time! A penalty, a fluke chip and a lucky cross that became an own goal.. we were ready for the finals. I'm sure the players themselves did not realize how fortunate they were especially playing away!
Credit to the team, they did play better in Hanoi. more discipline with Shukor marshaling the backline. the midfield play was better though i don't think Piya did as well as the media potrayed. I reckon it was the strikers who played well closing the play well by pressing. Well done to Indra for playing his part off the ball rather than on the ball. 
And yes! We are in the finals woohoo..!!
We can do this! Kamon!!! #HarimauMalaya

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