Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Being in private practice to me is not much different from public practice. The only difference is we directly charge the patient and the cost is visible to them from day 1. In government, even the healthcare workers sometimes do not realize how expensive clinical medicine is, especially involving intervention such as surgery.It is only in private practice where one will try to be not wasting resources compared to when you are in the government.Honestly, i reckon we should educate our government healthcare workers the true cost of healthcare. 
I would like to refute the statement that being in private you have to be more courteous. Like hello??? Weren't you courteous when you were working in the public sector? If not, then there is something wrong with you being a doctor or a nurse! 
I have always  maintain my  courtesy and most importantly to be mannered in my dealings with my patients. I believe it is important when dealing with people. As healthcare workers we are no different to our patients. We can be patients when we are sick. And when you are sick, you would want the positivity all over to help with the healing. 
I always believe that one will be treated the way one treat others. That is why i will be at my best when handling others as that is how i want people to treat me. There is no unison here but multi lateral comitment from every party. I want to be the doctor i envision doctors should be when they treat me. That is why soft skill is important in our profession. Many may not realize thinking that being smart or brilliant is enough. Well, unfortunately it is not especially nowadays. 
It is fun to connect with our patients. I enjoyed my GP locum days when i was out in the community. It was not just a matter of treating their disease, it was more to see their well being. Their families and how they cope with their daily lives. Sometimes patient come to us to seek a third party unbiased opinion and i reckon it is a job we have to cater to. 
We are all humans after all.. 

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