Wednesday, December 17, 2014

UiTM Medic Marathon 2014

Me being out of UiTM does not mean I am not affliated to them. Most of the colleagues are my friends and the friendship remains. When Adli advertised this to us, of course it was something that i cannot resist. My only worry then was i was working on that day! Was it possible?
After thinking a lot, i decided to just join the 5km category as I will have to rush to Rawang after the run. And that is if it started on time. And with the usual tradition of amateur organizers, we were late to start of with! hahaha The warm up only began at 715 instead of 0645. I was a bit worried if i had to abandon this run. 
 It was nice to have my footie mates Abe, Shah and Syazli to join this run.Adli and Abid was as enthusiastic too. I am sure if Izzat was around he would sportingly do this run as well.As this was a fun run, i was not intending to have a go at it to get a PB. I was looking forward to a leisurely run with my mates who are starting to get interested with healthy lifestyle.
Unfortunately, because of the tardiness i had to leave all of them because i have to be in Rawang to start a case at 0830!! And the run began at 0745!!Was it possible? 
 The route was relatively flat until KM 2 when suddenly there was a small sloping hill going across the cemetery. I did not expect this so there was a little bit of mental breakdown there.. haha I continued my run with huff and puff and in a way i forced myself to run at a faster pace. I had to! not that i have a choice! hahaha
When i ended the run i did not look back as i needed to get tothe hospital! ran in about 25 minutes and there i was, away to work! hahaha
Thank you JPK UiTM for organizing this and definitely a run i would like to continue joining every year :) KUDO!!

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