Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Its getting nearer #Diagnosis2

We had our 2nd meet up last weekend to finalize on certain aspects of the book launch. Yup Diagnosis2 is really really close to you! We missed  Mahyuddin as he was delayed in Kota Kinabalu. Otherwise, it would have been the first time the complete team is assembled physically.
                                                      AF in an earlier wedding doa job
We ended up in Las Vacas Yap Kwan Seng after only realizing the nice tea shop closes at 6pm when we were already there.. haha (thanx Ben, tapi kesian jugak Ben coz its always him who had to choose the meet up venue!).
AF is very positive about this project and that positive vibe certainly envelopes all the team members.
 I am optimistic as well as i believe we will make people believe in us again. It was a fun meet up and insha Allah, of many more to come. 
Will it be as good as Diagnosis?
We hope so.Insha Allah :)


Fatin Liyana Asri said...

nasib coffee shop tutup..dapat makan wagyu steak hah

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Hahahaha mmg teringat taste wagyu tu sampai arini