Monday, December 08, 2014

PJ Half Marathon 2014

This was my first PJ Half Marathon whether you beleive it or not! It has always caught my eye to join this event since school days but somehow the dates never fitted my schedule. It used to be sponsored massively by The Star and the hype towards PJ Half has always been the paper's highlight. I guess The Star newspaper has since withdrew their sponsorship but PJ half will remain to be the event for PJ inhabitants.
This year this event is organized by Deeno and Pak Am's company, thus no more excuses for not joining this race. I did not train specifically after Pacesetters 30K but i did try to fill in runs in the evening. My current job is unpredictable therefore it was not as regular as I want to. However i knew I'm quite comfortable to finish 21km run without over straining myself. The question now is whether i want to achieve my sub-2 in my future runs? Perhaps.. perhaps.. 
The run was supposed to start at 530am. Unfortunately due to a fumbling act by 100Plus we started half an hour later! The starting pace was slow but i did not push to run faster. Perhaps because i am not sure of my endurance due to my lack of training. The surau provided for us at Km 6 was sweet! 
The whole route was in fact not too bad as there was only a climb at KM9.In fact if i had trained better this was my opportunity to go sub-2. It is so much possible. 
Surprisingly i was comfortable with my run. my breathing was good and i ran more than i walk. I'm sure if i had another 21K run the weekend after i will improve my time tremendously. I reckon i did a 2h15min ish but i need to look at the official time once it is released. 
It was a good run topped up with a good event management. It may not be as glamorous as it was before but it has the makings of such in the coming near future. 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Mafeitz
Ran the event too. Did not noticed you. Next time we plan runs together ya!